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Posts published in “Gaming”

All About Gaming

The world of gaming is intimately linked to the internet. Even if you own a home gaming console, linking it to the net is vital to install updates and try out new games. This gaming blog is all about online gaming in every shape and form. Whether you are a dedicated PC gamer with the latest setup or a casual smartphone gamer, you can find out all about games, tech and consoles right here.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is hugely popular at the moment and will be a big part of this blog. We are going to be looking at the latest smartphone games, how to install games, what phone you need, what you should be avoiding and how much time you should be dedicating you’re your hobby or scheduled down-time.

E-Sports and Console Gaming

Are you interested in e-sports? Then you have come to the right place. Here you can find out what e-sports is all about; what games are being played and what competitions are coming up. Get intimately acquainted with the various teams and where you can watch live e-sports tournaments online. You can even find out where and how you can bet on e-sports.

If you are more of a console gamer, we have you covered. As well as checking out the latest console upgrades, we are going to be comparing peripherals, virtual reality devices, online access, glitches, downloads and everything you need to game at home or on the go. There is so much to explore and talk about that topics will be flying out think and fast.