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Online Lifestyle

Everything that used to be done offline is now going online. In this lifestyle blog we cover pretty much everything to do with living and working in a modern digital society.

Online dating is a hot topic at the moment and we are going to look at the logistics of cyber dating, the dangers involved and how you can find your soulmate via your smartphone. Lifestyle topics include everything from organising your life with online calendars to how to write a professional CV, eating healthy to finding the perfect outfit for a night out.

Staying Healthy, Active and Connected

Having a healthy, active and engaging lifestyle is the key to living a happy life. We are going to be looking at how the internet plays a role in creating and influencing your lifestyle. If you just don’t have to time to go to gym, we look at the best 5-minute online workout routines that you can do in your living room. Are you looking for peace in your life? Did you know you can log on to a daily meditation podcast and join thousands of people all over the world doing the same meditation?

Whether you are looking for the perfect smoothly recipe, how to repurpose your old couch, where to find digital love or how to nail the perfect interview, Ilna Club is here to help. Are you planning on throwing a dinner party, baby shower, bachelor party or just a social gathering with your best friends? We look at how to party on a budget, how to create the perfect vibe and what not to do!

Amazing Things You Can Do Online

The Internet is an awesome tool and it opens up whole new world of possibilities. While we are all used to sending emails, reading the news, surfing the web and playing around on social media, there are so many other ways the Internet can benefit you. Take a look at all the amazing things you can do online, for free or at a minimal cost.

Decluttering Your Home with Mobile Apps

Sadly, there’s no computer program or app in the world just yet that is capable of fully decluttering and organizing your home for you. But while you might need to wait a few more years until robots are capable of doing your chores on your behalf, the web is home to a slew of great apps that can help to make the process that much easier. Here are 7 tried and true home decluttering apps to try out the next time you need some organization in your life!

The 6 Best Dating Apps to Try in 2019

Whether you’re looking for new friends, a potential love interest, or just something more casual, there are many dating apps to choose from. Perhaps you’re shy and don’t get out much or you live far away from a big vibrant city, no matter the reason, dating apps are the easiest way to meet people these day. While most people would’ve already tried Tinder, if you’re looking for something different, we suggest trying these best dating apps in 2019.

The Best Portable Convenience Gadgets

Technology has seen a constant of growing smaller every year while also becoming more powerful. We’re entering an age where we can carry incredibly powerful tech in our pocket that is capable of doing just as many tasks as our computers at home – but we’re also starting to see gadgets being made for very specific purposes – gadgets that are small, portable, and make our lives that much more convenient on a day-to-day basis.

gardening apps

These Apps Make Gardening Easy

Apps have revolutionised the way we communicate, shop, bank, and take care of our health on a daily basis, so why shouldn’t they help us in the garden? Whether you have trouble remembering to water your plants, or can’t identify cool vegetation you spot when you are out and about, there are mobile applications that can assist. 

The Top Alternatives to Netflix

The Top Alternatives to Netflix

Netflix changed the world of media as we know it. While streaming isn’t a new concept, Netflix was the first company to commercialise it and start providing streaming services to large groups of people. In that time, Netflix has become a household name, and it’s gone as far as killing off entire industries, such as VHS.