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The Best Board Games for The Whole Family

Before there were video games, there were board games, and while video games may be seeing unprecedented levels of popularity around the world, there will always be a place for physical games that the entire family can enjoy.

These are games that involve strategy, creativity, and having as much fun as possible. If you’re looking for a new board game to enjoy with the family on a rainy Sunday afternoon, give one of these a try.

  1. Sequence

Sequence is a game that combines both chance and strategy, and makes for a thrilling experience that everyone older than the age of seven can enjoy. It makes use of cards and chips at the same time that the players use to try and score a sequence, but it can quickly become extremely challenging despite the simplicity of the rules.

  1. Scrabble

This classic board game is fun, challenging, and educational. The idea behind the game is try and use real words to score more points than your opponent. The more complex the word, the more points the player scores, but every word needs to be able to fit in with a connected word on the board. It’s perfect for between two and four players, and is best for players of around the same age.

  1. Monopoly

No collection of home board games would be complete without Monopoly, the game that sees players try and use capitalism to beat their opponents. Monopoly can take several hours to complete, so it’s best to start early when everyone’s in a good mood; Monopoly is known for turning people against each other fairly quickly. It’s also a good excuse to head off to cool down to play online slots Australia after a particularly heated game.

  1. Catan

The winner of the Game of The Century award, Catan is a favourite for millions around the world. The idea behind Catan is try trade, settle, and build, but also to conquer the other players. It takes place on a classic hexagonal board, and along with the base game, there are also a number of expansion packs, which includes one for children, and one inspired directly by Game of Thrones.

  1. Clue

Clue is the famous detective-themed game that’s based on the beloved film of the same name. Players are given snippets of information, and need to try and figure out who committed the crime, where it was committed, and what weapon was used. It’s suitable for up to 8 players, and makes for an evening of endless fun.

  1. Pandemic

Similar in some ways to Monopoly in terms of how cut-throat it can become after a few hours, Pandemic is a cooperative game that sees all of the players working together to try and solve a disease that spreading across the globe. Each player is assigned a different role, such as doctor or scientist, and they need to make use of their special set of skills to solve the pandemic before it’s too late. The game is perfect for two to four players, but is best left to teens and adults.