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The Best Retro Games Online

The Best Retro Games Online Now

While the widespread use of emulator software by many modern gamers to play their childhood retro games, many independent developers have come forward and release retro styled games on digital platforms like Steam and the Play store.

These games often are sold exclusively in a digital format, but many do get boxed releases with some great additional artwork, manuals or even soundtrack CDs included. Retro game development is more often than not a labour of love, and this ensures that you always get a premium feeling experience with modern retro games, just like you would when playing real money blackjack. Let’s take a look at some of the recently released highlights from the retro gaming world and at


Fining a space on most critics’ top 10 lists of games, Cuphead is one of those games like Mario that has just found immense appeal across a variety of consumer demographics. With its incredible old school animation and at times punishing game play, Cuphead has captured the imagination of both old school and modern gamers.

A platformer crossed with a shoot’em up, Cuphead is a Microsoft exclusive, being available only on the Xbox one and Windows platforms. So far no physical copy of the game has been released which has been a shame for many collectors as Cuphead is a future classic.

Hollow Knight

Combining a series of retro gaming play mechanics with an incredibly lush world and a cute main protagonist, Hollow Knight reignited many gamers’ passion for retro gaming last year. The incredibly detailed world, both in graphics and lore, manages to draw you in, making exploring this world an absolute delight.

While this game is not available as a physical copy, you can pick it up on Steam, the Nintendo store and even the iStore for your Mac.

Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition

This game’s release shows that even a niche market can still be profitable in the world of retro gaming. Night Trap was the flagship game for the Sega CD console from the 90’s. It is what was called an FMV or Full Motion Video game. The game play is certainly very limited and the cut scenes are pretty terrible by today’s standards, but fans of the original game rushed to fund this game’s Kickstarter page.

Developed by Screaming Villain, Night Trap 25th anniversary edition is purely for fans of the original game or the morbidly curious since the mechanics just don’t translate well to modern gaming.

Mighty Gunvolt Burst

Addressing the numerous complaints of Mighty No 9, Mighty Gunvolt Burst is an instant classic. It takes more than a little inspiration from Mega Man and combines elements from Capcom’s platformer with sandbox world building games like Terraria and creates what can only be described as the definitive next gen Mega Man experience.

One of the most welcome aspects of this platformer is the graphical style which threw out the original 3D look of Mighty No 9 for a true 8 bit style look that just feels amazing to play. These are only a few of the great retro games released recently and should give any retro gaming fan a great platform to start exploring modern pixel art games.