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Sorting out Some Websites for Curing Boredom

Objectively, the Internet is an incredible creation that has changed the nature of the world and society in almost every way imaginable. Never before has the human race had access to all of the world’s collective knowledge, and never before have we been able to connect with people from all over the world. But sometimes it’s also nice to find a fun website and distract yourself from the stresses of life for a few hours.

These are websites that are a combination of entertaining and fascinating, and are designed to provide countless hours of entertainment for those wanting to keep themselves busy on an otherwise boring day.

  1. Pointer Pointer

Pointer Pointer is a website designed to kill the hours, and it’s the perfect place to find some mindless entertainment on a slow afternoon. The idea behind the site is to create a photo of a person pointing at your cursor no matter where on the screen you move it. It may seem a bit silly and rudimentary, but it’s actually a surprisingly imaginative site that.

  1. Wikipedia – Conspiracy Theories

Wikipedia is the largest library of human knowledge in the world, with millions of different cited articles in dozens of different languages. While there’s something for just about anyone, if you’re looking to get sucked into the world of conspiracies, then Wikipedia’s collection of conspiracy theories will keep you enthralled endlessly. Every popular theory imaginable has been added in great deal, and it gives deep insight into the origins of these theories and how they’ve managed to become well known over the years.

  1. Live Kitten Cam

Sometimes, the best way to end a bad day is to watch some animals enjoying themselves, and few animals are better at this than kittens. Fortunately for cat lovers, there is a live kitten cam that runs all day and all night. The live stream shows the viewer a collection of kittens and what they get up to through different parts of the day, and while it can sometimes just be a few hours of sleeping cats, it can also be an adorable window into the playful lives of these entertaining creatures.

  1. Eyebleach is a popular website that’s designed to help you relax after stumbling onto one of the darker sides of the Internet. The site is overflowing with cute pictures of animals, nature, dogs, and more, and allows you to set your mind at ease extremely quickly.

  1. Flame Painter

For the more artistic types, Flame Painter is a colourful site that provides every one of all ages with a fun and de-stressing tool. The idea behind the site is to allow the user to paint using a collection of simple paintings tools. A number of different styles and colours can be chosen, and they can be used to create some truly unique artwork that would be perfect for any desktop background.