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Tinder Tips for 1st Timers

Tinder Tips for 1st Timers

Tinder has revolutionised online dating, and the number of matches it’s made has been nothing short of phenomenal. The great thing about this dating app is that there seems to be little to no stigma attached to it either, no one is embarrassed to say they met on Tinder, and very few people are shy about using it. Swiping right has even become something of a colloquialism for saying something is cool, and desirable.

But the world of Tinder can be a bit overwhelming for beginners, so we’ve compiled these tips to give you a helping hand – and maybe find the love of your life…and if not, you can use your phone to play the Blackjack online Canada has to offer- so either way, you’re a winner.

Your Pictures Suck

They say first impression is everything, and if your pictures are blurry, grainy or over-filtered you can imagine just what kind of statement you’re making. Clear, not too heavily edited pictures are best; you want people to actually see what you look like! Avoid ‘fun’ Snapchat filters too as these can leave you looking ridiculous. Don’t try hide half your face or post a subtle shot, people will think you’re hiding your identity, and not for good reasons!

Your Profile is Too Short- or Too Long

Believe it or not, both are a turn off. You want your bio to actually SAY something about you, not just be wine.walks.the good life. In contrast, you don’t want to write a book either, so check out other users bios and see what sort of length works, and go with the middle ground. Being silent and mysterious is not going to work on Tinder; you need to tell people a little bit about you; but not everything!

Don’t Be Rude, Crude Or Crass

You may seem some very clever Tinder profiles, but there are plenty that are bordering on rude, crude or crass. There’s no need to swear or be overtly sexual either, remember, the image you portray on Tinder will attract a certain type of people, so don’t go overboard in either direction. Also remember that anyone else on Tinder can see what you’ve said, and much like the Internet, once you’ve posted something, it’s easy for people to screen grab and save it, and possibly use it against you.

Tell the Truth

If you don’t really work for NASA, are not a rocket scientist or hate walks on the beach don’t say the opposite, as this will come back to bite you. Be as truthful as you can, and if you feel saying something may not make you as attractive, rather leave it out. The truth will set you free, especially when it comes to finding your perfect match.

Be Picky

Don’t over or under swipe! If you swipe right for every guy or girl you might find yourself inundated with matches, and if you don’t swipe much at all you’ll feel a bit let down if the 1 or 2 right swipes you went for don’t reciprocate. Also, beware the Super Like feature– there’s nothing like not being liked back.