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Social Media and How It Is Affecting Our Self Esteem

Social Media and How It Is Affecting Our Self Esteem

Social media platforms were originally designed for people to keep in touch and up to date with family and friends, and maybe follow a particularly interesting influencer. The companies that created the platforms may have had another focus, but that was the intended use for the consumer.

Like so many things on the internet, social media platforms have completely transformed how people live their lives and communicate with one another. It also has a massive influence on how we perceive and feel we are perceived.

How Is Social Media Really Affecting Us?

The truth is that social media has been associated with higher levels of loneliness, envy, depression and diminished social skills.

This is an interesting paradox. If we examine social media posts, most are celebratory, victories, or images and jokes to make people smile. Yes, there are those posts about less exciting topics, acts of violence, causes, and difficulties being experienced around the world, but no more than one would be exposed to in other media.

So why is social media affecting people negatively? Could it be the lack of posts about personal failures or hardships? Could that be making subscribers feel bad about who they are?

Virtual Comparisons and Designer Images

This is an interesting idea that warrants further exploration. It’s not to say that anyone wishes ill on others, however we all respond to things we are exposed to. Consider for a moment how you would feel, amid a failing relationship, if your newsfeed was sending you constant notifications about your ‘friends’ engagements and anniversaries? One would likely feel worse, having viewed your own failure in stark contrast of others achievements. This can really be applied to any post.

Suddenly your average life looks, when compared with everyone else’s happy life, a bit less than average. Your personal failures highlighted, when compared to others advertised perfect lives, and even your triumphs, no longer look as triumphant. Except when you win at online betting nz.

SM platforms are like the previews in movies, they only show the good stuff. You don’t see people posting about their shitty jobs or their 30-year-old Cortina, held together by rust, that only starts on a downhill, if the volume on the radio is turned to full blast. No, but you will see a post about the swanky new Porsche.

Our fragile egos weren’t designed to deal with this type of constant comparison. This is the price we pay when we moved from using SM platforms to stay in touch with people we care about, to a tool where your self-worth is measured by the quantity of friends you have.

Reclaim Your Sense of Self

#DeleteFacebook, is a bit extreme, but #DeleteAcquaintances or #FacebookSpringclean, now those are solid ideas, and it is an empowering process. Delete the people that you don’t care about and keep only those who you have a genuine interest in. Not a comparative interest, the kind of interest where you want to celebrate their achievements and know they want to celebrate yours.

Delete the App from Your Mobile

There is no need to delete your account, but deleting the easy access application will limit the amount of time you spend on the platforms.

Pick Up the Phone

When cool stuff happens in your life, pick up the phone and call all the cheerleaders in your life, victories are so much more victorious, when you have people in your corner whoop whooping for you, and return the favour. If some one you care about posts a win, give them a call and shake those virtual pom-poms.