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Online Courses Designed For Mid-Career Professionals

Online Courses Designed For Mid-Career Professionals

There’s a common belief in the world that learning ends once we’ve left school; that because we no longer sit in a classroom either in high school or university, that we’re learnt everything we need to know about our careers and our professional lives.

The truth of the matter is that we never stop learning, and for those that want to expand their knowledge without having to go back to the classroom, the best way to go about this by utilising an online course. There are thousands to choose from, and they can be extremely specific career-centric courses, or generalised courses meant to help you improve your career in the long run – we will be looking at the latter.

1, Business Courses

Whether we like or not, we need to interact with the business side of things on a daily basis. Whether it’s dealing with clients, managing accounts, or starting a business of your own, learning how business works on a fundamental level is an incredibly useful skill to acquire. To this end, the eight-hour course offered by Chris Haroun provides an in-depth overview of the entire MBA degree.

  1. Salary Negotiation

At one point or another, you may need to approach your boss about receiving a salary raise. Maybe you’ve proven you’re a hard worker, or maybe you’ve been with the company for long enough to be eligible for a raise – whatever the case, learning how to successfully negotiate a salary increase is an important skill to have in the work force. Any course offered by media professional Jim Hopkinson is a good place to start.

  1. Building A Brand

Starting a business and selling a product is difficult in a world that is so oversaturated with products. The best way to find success, then, is to build a personal brand that people can instantly recognise. A good brand can attract people from every walk of life, and the reason people will be drawn to a casino no deposit rather than a paying one, for example. The course in question, which is offered by VaynerMedia, offers a breakdown of everything you need to know about making yourself known in the marketing world.

  1. CV Makeover Course

When applying for a new job, your CV/Resume makes all the difference, and many hirers agree that most people put their CVs together wrong, which can dampen the chances of being hired. Forex trader Thomas White offers a simple and easy course that can help you build the ultimate CV that will impress hirers as soon as they see it.

  1. Advanced Management Training

If you stay in the workforce long enough, there’s a good chance that you’ll eventually land a managerial position. It can be extremely difficult to be a good manager, especially once you’ve got a few people to look after. A course offered by Davis Jones can help you learn how to successfully take over a leadership role while bettering your communication, productivity, and negotiation skills.