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gardening apps

These Apps Make Gardening Easy

Apps have revolutionised the way we communicate, shop, bank, and take care of our health on a daily basis, so why shouldn’t they help us in the garden? Whether you have trouble remembering to water your plants, or can’t identify cool vegetation you spot when you are out and about, there are mobile applications that can assist. 

If you do a gardening search on the Play Store or the iTunes store, it will yield hundreds of results, which is also what happens when you search betting sites on Google. Save time better spent in the garden by checking out these top apps.

  1. GRO

There is no doubt that gardening is one of the trendiest outdoor activities you can enjoy, and indoor plants are one of the hottest trends of 2019. If you do not know where to begin, GRO is a good place to start.

You can enter your interests on the app, which then provides you with great ideas that tie in with your current season and weather conditions. It also offers helpful hints and tips throughout the season, and it can be used for advice for plants you already have.

  1. Gardroid Vegetable Garden

If you want a more sustainable way of life, rather than growing ornamental plants only, Gardroid Vegetable Garden is a must-have app. It can help you navigate the challenges of vegetable gardening.

It can teach you what to plant, and where and when to plant it. From there, you can learn how to care for your plants, and when and how to harvest your crops. What’s more, it also offers hints and it lets you set notifications for your plants.

  1. GrowIt!

One of the best tools for those looking for some friendly advice, GrowIt! puts you in touch with local gardeners. You can upload pictures, ask questions, and receive tried and tested advice.

You can also rate other users’ plants anonymously, and you have access to information about literally thousands of different plants. This includes how to grow and use them. It’s a treasure-trove of wisdom in the palm of your hand.

  1. Garden Plan Pro

If you have ever visited a garden design expo, or watched such shows on TV, you may be wondering how to give your patch of ground the wow factor. The Garden Plan Pro app may help.

Admittedly, it focuses on vegetables, fruit, and herbs, but even they can make stunning gardens. Whether you want a formal herb patch, or a ramshackle cottage garden, you can achieve it quickly and easily.

  1. Flower Checker

If you have an existing garden, or spot something growing in a friend’s garden or in a park, and don’t know what it is, Flower Checker is the answer. It is one of the most accurate available, as it uses the expert knowledge of real botanists.

To use it, you take a photo of the plant in question and upload it. You won’t have to wait long for the answer. To its credit, the app has been able to identify more than 90% of known plant species accurately.